our VFX facility!

for Your projects that need visual effects!

It was a dream for over half a decade for Mezz! To house a visual effects department within the studio and offer visually stunning and rich effects that could help filmmakers tell their story even when on a tighter budget.

As a filmmaker working on promos and commercials over the years he got a chance to interact with a lot of talented 3D and cgi artists from various parts of the world.


Within India however the visual effects industry was divided into two entirely different segments at the time. On the one hand were the huge corporate studio teams mainly located down south in Chennai, Hyderabad and in Mumbai taking on big budget films and some even expanding bases overseas to work with Hollywood Directors and studios.

The other end was that of the Independent or the small budget segment that served the Broadcast and TV industry primarily with an occasional independent feature or short for film festivals.

The quality in this segment was severely compromised and the divide kept getting bigger with time.


Thats when the studio started with a small setup - One Mac Pro with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.


Today, equipped with a full set of industry’s leading software and hardware including Fusion, AE, Nuke along with Cinema 4D etc.  we have come a long way.

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